Helping property owner’s profit from and care for their home, away from home.

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NextGen Framework

Guided Tours & Info

Welcome Wise is an application that uses persistent augmented reality, location mapping and on demand information delivery to allow Hosts (property owners) to create AR-assisted (and unassisted) guided tours of their property.

Host expereince

Create & Clarify

Hosts can use a variety of tools within the app to create and clarify their information including check-in/out journeys, concierge cards (using pictures, video, audio, text) and graphic elements for placement on still images and within the AR environment.

Stunning Graphics
guest expereince

All The Ins & Outs

Guests receive the full understanding of how best to utilize and enjoy the property without disturbing the owner or manager. Everything a guest needs to know at their finger tips 24/7.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Welcome Wise available on Android and Apple iOS?

Our current beta only runs on iOS, but we expect to have an Android version ready by December.

Can I transfer my property guide book over to Welcome Wise?

Transfering your content is often as easy as copy and pasting descriptions, upload photos and videos, and linking out to addtional content.

Does the app track my location on the property? Or when I’m on the property?

Your location is only tracked while using the app in AR view, and then only to help provide persistent AR content location assistance. Location information is never shared with a guest or a host. Hosts do receive journey completion confirmations.

How long does it take to setup a check-In Journey?

It depending on how complex your property information is, how large of an area it covers and if you are using AR features. Expect to take at least 30-60 minutes to create full property check-in and check-out journeys.

What phone is needed to use the AR functionality?

iphone 6s or higher.

Can I link to my Airbnb or HomeAway reservations?

Not yet, but those features are planned for the public launch.

Peace of Mind

Hosts can require confirmation that a guest has taken a check-in tour or acknowledged specific instructions.

Guest Accountability

Guest can be required to acknowledge information and provide check-out photos.

Augmented Reality

Information and warnings placed in the real environment aid in comprehension and knowledge retention.

Property Navigation

Use augmented reality to navigate to any point in a room.

Connectivity Independent

Designed specifically to function without internet connectivity for “no Service Available”, remote locations and power outages.

Deeper Understanding

Interactive learning within the environment enhances learning.

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